Sunday, 24 July 2011

The early years sharing the hobby

Although my interest in railways stems back through the family it must be said that part of its on going appeal was due to a shared interest with a childhood friend. Both of us went to the local primary school and lived within 10 minutes from each other. This meant that weekends would be spent at one another’s houses running our locomotives on each other’s layouts. Numerous shared trips to preserved railways and various locomotive purchases would fuel both of our interests in railways.

Our interests varied from GWR steam locomotives, through to BR steam and diesel, and later private owner locomotives. Both of us started to modify and improve our locomotives in an attempt to look more prototypical. Many were poor looking back but it marked a change of approach from playing trains to modelling railways. My first attempt at detailing began with a Lima class 47 in Scotrail livery (we both had a soft spot for this class). I removed the couplings added extra pipe work flush glazing and chain couplings. This would be the start to improve and create better models although at the start I was a little impatient. I remember my Dad remarking ‘You never let anything dry before you paint it, what’s the rush’ something I have noticed with regret as my Class 47 details have all dropped off in the box!

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  1. I remember that 47 Tim! I should dig through my old photos and see if I can find any of the railways in action :)