Wednesday, 27 July 2011

GWR Tender Locomotives Part 1

A selection of the ongoing project to build every class of GWR locomotive. Some where along the line I ended up with 4 Lima Kings in a job lot, 2 of which were rebuilt as standard and the 3rd became the odd looking 1930's streamlined locomotive. The 47xx in the last photograph uses one of the King boilers, two Mainline 43xx chassis and body, plus a Hornby tender. It's quite a Frankenstein but prototypical of the latest new build announced last month by Didcot.

Some of the locomotives pictured have been photographed before lining, handrails and painting. 

28xx Hornby modified

28xx Hornby modified

43xx Mainline modified

43xx Mainline modified

93xx Bachmann modified

3000 Class scratch built Triang/Airfix

Atabara class Scratch built / Airfix 

Lord 3001 Class Hornby

'City of Truro' Bachmann

Collet 0-6-0 Replica modified

Collet 0-6-0 Mainline modified

Deans Goods Dapol

'Cookham Manor' Mainline modified

'Hinton Manor' Mainline modified

'Titley Court' Saint class Will Finecast

Star class 'Polar Star' Hornby modified

'County of Bedford' Hornby modified

'County of Worcester' Hornby modified

'County of Stafford' Dapol modified

'Graithwait Hall' modified Hall Replica

'Burton Agnes Hall' Modified Hall Replica

Castle modified Hornby

Castle modified Dapol

Castle modified Dapol

'King Edward VI' Lima modified

'King George V' Hornby modified

'King Henry VII' Lima/ scratch built

'King William IV' Lima modified

'King William III' Hornby modified

Cathedral Class 8000 scratch built/Hornby 

47xx scratch built/hornby/mainline

In the Workshop

47xx 2-8-0
Saint 4-6-0
Lady 4-6-0
Star 4-6-0
De Glehn 4-4-2
Atlantic Saint 4-4-2
Star 4-4-2
Aberdare 2-6-0
King 4-6-0
County 4-6-0
Deans Goods 0-6-0
Bulldog 4-4-0
City 4-4-0

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