Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Archive Footage

While clearing through a mass of videos I stumbled across some archive footage of 'The Looms'. William Ellis is present with his Princess plus Jimmy James, my Grand Father and Great Uncle plus my Father as a young boy. The footage isn't great and will be put onto dvd when I get the chance but it gives an idea of the development of the plot of land. The film was made by my great uncle Ron and dates from around 1949/50, he had a keen interest in film, sadly all his home movies are missing. I am not sure who the American locomotive belonged to but I assume is was part of Jimmy James' collection. As can be seen in the later shots the LNER Pacific and coaches were built to a very high standard. I can remember wondering around the back of the property when it lay empty and seeing the coaches rotten and collapsed behind the hedge. My father and I didn't realise the locomotive was still locked away in its shed, my last view seeing it driven away on the back of a trailer on my way home from school. Also included on the reel is some early footage of GWR King George V at Chester and Clan Line? I would think in the early eighties

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