Friday, 19 August 2016


TME Models is a small business specialising in kit & scratch built narrow gauge models. We have over 20 years of modelling experience, enabling us to produce high quality one off models that capture the essence of narrow gauge railways.

We offer a bespoke kit and scratch built service of any chosen prototype, as well as a professional painting, lining and weathering service. Models are assembled and detailed to the customer’s preference, with every stage of the model consulted and agreed on before commissioning.

Locomotives and Rolling Stock are constructed using a combination of materials such as brass, whitemetal, plastic and aluminum, using solder and epoxy glues. We use a combination of hand painting, pressure spraying and airbrushing techniques together with hand applied transfer application as appropriate for each model. Specialist weathered finishing can be commissioned and ranges from well worn to lightly used depending on your preference.

Contact us today for an informal discussion as to how we can meet your needs.

We look forward to hearing from and being of assistance to you.

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